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Sudden Deaths of Infants in New Jersey Spur Safety Warnings to Parents


Recently in New Jersey, three infants died within 40 hours of each other, this spurred child safety leaders to warn parents of common dangers to infants, including those which may contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that the following basic steps can help protect infants:

  • Make sure the baby is sleeping on his or her back and sleeping alone.
  • Keep blankets, stuffed animals and other items away from the sleeping area.
  • Make sure the baby is on a firm surface.
  • Bring the baby into your bedroom but not into your bed.

While the investigations in all three cases remain open, it is important to remind parents of the dangers of sleeping with infants or keeping infants on sofa surfaces and we further wanted to remind parents that there are resources in the community to obtain cribs and bassinets which are designed for young infants.

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Author: Marianne Halterman

Marianne is a member of the SafeKids Coalition of the Central Shenandoah Valley.

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