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Hot Cars Kill Kids


This is something everyone can do. When you get out of your car at the grocery or shopping center, look around.

If there is someone, a child, an elderly person, or an animal, alone in a parked vehicle with the windows up…and no a.c. running (and the windows should not be completely rolled up with the a.c. running either… Noxious fumes!), call 911 and head for the mgr of the store. Tell them. It’s their pkg lot. They have to do something immediately!

A few months ago in a Walmart pkg lot, I saw a young girl nursing her child in the driver’s seat of a car, windows rolled up, a.c. running. I tapped on the window and told her to crack a window or two…she thanked me and I breathed a sigh of relief. At least she responded positively. That won’t always happen. A woman with a special needs child in a car in the food lion parking lot in Timberville, VA., on a hot day with the windows rolled up, yelled at me for telling her. I really wish I had called 911, instead of talking to that “lady”. So calling 911 is probably the safest bet.

You can’t believe how many “smart” people do these mindless things. There have been 18 heatstroke deaths of young children who have suffocated in hot cars so far this year. Please pass it on, be observant and do what you can.


Mind your own business and a child could die

It’s Time to Shout About It…

Every 10 days, vehicular heatstroke kills a child in the United States. Every 10 days, a parent loses a child to a preventable death. Since 1998, there have been 684 deaths, 23 of which happened this year. It’s time to stop vehicular heatstroke from killing our children. The time to take action is now!

On July 31, National Heatstroke Prevention Day, NHTSA will be tweeting every 30 minutes from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. to raise awareness about the dangers of heatstroke. Join us in this life-saving conversation with tweets and retweets of your own. Take this message to your friends, families, and followers, and tell them to share it, too.

Who: NHTSA and YOU!

What: #HeatstrokeKills Tweet Up

When: Sunday, July 31, 2016, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET


How: Follow the conversation using the hashtag #HeatstrokeKills. Feel free to mention @NHTSAgov in any of your tweets and we will get back to as many questions and comments as we can! Remember to include #HeatstrokeKills in your comments so others can follow along with the conversation, too.

Invite your friends and followers to join us and spread this important message.

Spread the message. Make a difference. Take action. Save a life.

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Author: Marianne Halterman

Marianne is a member of the SafeKids Coalition of the Central Shenandoah Valley.

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